Nikko AM Japan Value Fund Rated by RSMR

credit rating

Following a rigorous due diligence process, the Nikko AM Japan Value Fund has received an RSMR Rating. The Fund is now one of only 150 RSMR Rated funds, selected from an Investment Association universe of 4,500. You can read the full RSMR Fund Profile HERE. Under RSMR’s binary system, a fund is either rated or it is not and they take a qualitative approach to fund rating. While past performance and risk measures play a role in fund rating, their research team rely on face-to-face meetings with fund managers and management teams across the globe to establish how they will continue to develop performance. RSMR also undertake thoughtful and detailed analysis of social, governmental and market factors to build a picture of the fund over the coming years.

Learn more about the Nikko AM Japan Value Fund HERE.